Training & Consulting

Al offers custom training and consulting designed for your company and your specific needs. After many years of teaching and consulting, along with 45 years of hiring and interviewing, he knows the market and how to dramatically improve your hiring. Losing great candidates because of inadequate interviewing, inflexible hiring practices, and lengthy processes can wind up negatively impacting your bottom line. Examples of key topics are below.


Interview Training

  • Proper Interviewing Techniques
  • Key Pitfalls in Interviewing
  • Behavior-Based Questioning
  • Avoiding Legal Issues

Detailed Resume Analysis

  • Avoiding Simple Keyword Matching
  • Digging Deeper Into Experiences
  • Developing the Interview To Match the Resume

New or Existing Hiring Manager Training on Candidate Selection

  • Bringing New Managers Up to Speed on Interview Techniques
  • Helping To Avoid Major Roadblocks During Selection
  • Interviewing the Interviewers To Ensure Process Is Being Followed
  • Teaching Proper Selling of Organization
  • Avoiding Company Arrogance in Interviews


  • Developing a Hiring Process To Fit Today’s Ever-Changing Market
  • Improving Existing Hiring Processes
  • Identifying and Analyzing Roadblocks to Hiring
  • Helping To Expedite Internal Hiring Processes
  • Helping To Eliminate Key Position Turnover
  • Identifying Causes of Repetitive Same Position Losses
  • Customizing Company Processes to Changing Market Practices