From All Sides The Truth About The Hiring Process in America

From All Sides reveals insider information for all jobseekers and hiring managers from all perspectives. Al Polson draws on his more than 45 years of experience as a candidate, a hiring manager, a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, and a recruiter to bring all points of view to the table. From All Sides explores the hiring process from the perspectives of the jobseeker, the hiring manager, recruiter, and Human Resources.

There is humor, never-before-discussed insider details, and actual stories of real-world issues in hiring. There is also great advice and motivational words of wisdom for the jobseeker and hiring managers today. Today’s changing job market needs this more than ever.

Every C-level executive, HR manager, and company manager will want their team to read From All Sides to learn the hiring process from all possible perspectives. They will also learn the key pitfalls of hiring and interviewing, as well as many helpful examples of successful techniques and processes.

All jobseekers will want to read this to learn exactly how to properly interview and what to avoid when seeking their next career move.

From All Sides will benefit not only those involved in the hiring process but everyone working with people in general.