Get To Know the Person Behind From All Sides

Al Polson began his career as a purchasing manager for a small company right out of college. From there, he was hired by a Fortune 500 company and spent 25 years in Corporate America, growing in his career to top executive positions within several major companies. He and his teams made major impacts on their respective companies and contributed millions of dollars in savings.

Upon leaving the corporate world, he founded his own executive recruiting firm, The Colonial Group, specializing in all salary hiring for the manufacturing industry all over the US and abroad. He strongly believes in “The Golden Rule,” and that was the foundation for building his business. He and his team treat client companies and jobseekers exactly the way we all want to be treated. That is, with honesty, integrity, and dignity. His company grew into one of the most successful in the industry. He and his team have worked with hundreds of companies and interviewed thousands of jobseekers. They have been responsible for placing thousands of people in key positions throughout the United States and globally. He served in the recruiting sector for over 20 years and recently retired, but The Colonial Group is going stronger than ever.

Previously, Al was an Adjunct Professor at The University of Virginia for many years. He taught numerous classes and seminars in management, supply chain, and project management. He received his Bachelor and Master of Business Administration from The University of Richmond. Al very much enjoys spending time with his family, writing, painting, traveling, golf, and fishing.